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If you use MS Access or Excel for holding your Customer List, Mailing/Contact List, Invoices or other data, how can you search and print reports you require?
Find and print any data anywhere on page, without programming, with MS Access, Excel, CSV and other databases?.
DataOWL  -  No Programming Report Writer 







Using Limrose's DataOWL, you can -, at the touch of a button, without programming!  No need to learn SQL, Visual Basic or any other software tools. DataOWL does it all automtically for you - within seconds of receiving a copy of your data. 



To print address labels, mail-shot letters, invoices, bar-coded labels, just copy your  .xls, .mdb or .cvs file to DataOWL and you are ready to go. 

Use DataOWL's fast "search engine" to find data in seconds - start printing within minutes. All without programming or need to know "field names" or anything at all about the structure of your data.   

DataOWL literally works like magic - it literally "crawls" inside your database, without disturbing it, to discover it's internal structure  



Last modified: August 05, 2008