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Progen4GL - Agile Software

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Try Before you buy:

Use hyperlinks in Product sections to Download 30-Day FREE Trial. 

bulletDownload the Progen4GL Database Engine and save in a folder on your PC.
bulletDownload all items listed for the application and save in the same folder.
bulletOpen the download folder and double-click each icon in turn to install.  
bulletDownload and print the the manual (.pdf) for the software if required (optional).


Alternatively, send a cheque (drawn on a UK Bank) or an international money orders for 7.50 for the demo CD and a printed copy of the  full-colour manual to be sent to you by post. Please state which product manual require and may order additional manuals for 5 each. The demo CD and manuals are sent by first class post to UK addresses and by airmail outside UK. Make your cheque or international money order payable to: 

Limrose Group Limited, Llay Industrial Estate, Wrexham, LL12 0TU, UK  









After 30 Days..

After installing the software on 30 Day FREE Trial,  you will not be able to run it after 30 days and must purchase a full license. However, you can renew the 30-day Free Trial license if required - contact Limrose Group at the address shown below.

Software licenses are normally issued for 5 years at the price shown on the product page.  

You can pay for the 5-year software license as follows:

The amount due for UK-based customers is the price shown on the product page plus VAT at 17.5%. Overseas customers do not pay VAT. Postage and packing is free to all destinations (UK and oversdeas).

(a)    Invoice your company - Please email as at License@limrosegroup.com, giving the name of your organization, full postal address, telephone number, email address and Company Order No (if applicable), together with your License Number and Installation Reference Number. These number are shown on top of the the List of Tables menu.  We will send a pro-forma invoice to your company by email and the license will be sent to you as email attachment or by post after the payment is received.

(b)    Bank transfer, Banker's Draft and PayPal - We can accept payment by bank transfer or a banker's Draft. We can also accept credit/debit card transfers by PayPal. Click here for PayPal transfers.  The license will be dispatched to you as an email attachment or by first class post or airmail as appropriate.   

(c)    Personal or company cheque - Payable to Limrose Group Limited. Software license will be sent to you as email attachment or by post as requested when the cheque has been cleared (about 4 days). 




Read case histories and Reference Accounts.




Last modified: August 05, 2008