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IT Consultancy, e-Business and Web-based Systems

The Limrose Group, together with our associates Addtechnology Solutions based in Chicago, USA, brings together many skills necessary to use the Internet as a marketing and information exchange tool. We have in-house skills to deliver these services including the cognitive and creative elements of user interface design, content management and transaction processing to put the power of the Internet at the our clients disposal. These solutions include e-Commerce, e-CRM and e-Procurement solutions over Intranet or Internet. 

Limrose's existing software "packages" and custom solutions for Library Systems, Care Homes, Manufacturing and Inventory Management can be run wholly or partly over the internet to cover world-wide operations.   

Digital Business Strategy

We will work with the client to develop the business model and the e-commerce initiatives best suited to their requirements. The business model and work plans are developed in consultation with their staff, customers and suppliers to facilitate the information flow and communication within the company, with suitable interfaces with customers and suppliers system as required. This may sometime result in organizational changes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The Limrose Group have successfully developed such models and implemented them for both small and large client companies in UK and USA. 

These solutions can sometimes be implemented by integrating existing technologies, or by developing custom solutions using state-of-the art 4GLand e-Business solutions. Limrose's Progen4GL for Windows has been used successfully in many projects of this type, however we will use the best available tools and Open Systems to develop a cost-effective solution using Microsoft Access and SQL Server, Oracle and other RDBMS technologies as necessary. 






























Customised Systems:
Customised software development, with substantial savings as compared to the competion.
           Robust, easy-to-use system using state-of-the-art Progen4GL/Agile Systems approach. 
Packaged Software
Packages solutions for Library Management, Care/Nursing Homes, Small Hospitals, Accounts, Sales
Training and Staff Development
Limrose have run numerous training courses for client covering microelectronics and software technologies. Please click here to view the training page.



Last modified: August 05, 2008