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Limrose Analog Computer AHT0095 is suitable for teaching or research involving analog and hybrid simulation. They feature independent Mode Control of integrators, Single Shot and Repetitive Operation and "slaving" of two or more units from a single set of controls for large problems. Each unit has three low-drift Integrators, three Summers and six precision Potentiometers. The integrators have an initial condition input and can be used in "Track/Hold" and "Compute/Hold" modes if required. Ideal for teaching and simulating Control Systems, 



The Limrose Digital Arithmetic Tutor is a versatile, and compact unit for teaching the basic concepts used in digital computing. It fills the gap between logic tutors and microcomputers and covers complex hardware operations such as multiplication and division using the shift-and-add method. It uses a Data Bus to introduce how bus-based systems such as microprocessors are organised. The illustrated instruction book deals with binary, hex and octal number systems, fractional notation, overflow in fixed point arithmetic, parallel and serial addition and subtraction, 1 's and 2's complements and multiplication and division.

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We also manufacture one-off products and custom systems from time to time and have expertise  both in hardware and software design. Whether you need a microprocessor-based system for process control, or a virtual instrument, we can probably do it for you very competitively. Why not ask us for a quote?

Digital Arithmetic Tutor DAT0005



Introducing bus-based systems


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