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Limrose I.C. Patchboards







Limrose's family of low-cost Patchboard Systems will save you time and money over and over again. These solderless breadboards will work with TTL. CMOS, Linear and other integrated circuits for teaching logic and development work. All Patchboards are available with or without internal power supplies.

These robust units will last for years and are very easy to use. ICs are plugged into high reliability sockets and discreet devices mounted on inexpensive plug-in adaptors. Interconnections are made using Limrose's unique and proven solderless patch leads and 1mm gold-plated terminal pins. Sub-systems such as memory boards and smaller breadboards can be plugged into PCB sockets. Several boards can be used together for larger projects. The Advanced Patchboard MPT0026 has been specially designed for use with Limrose's Microtutor and will accept compatible RAM, Analog and Digital I/O Boards.

Basic Patchboard 0020    The basic patchboard is a complete "Logic Lab" and is ideal for computer and electronics labs in colleges and universities. It has twelve 16-pin sockets, 2-speed clock, a manual pulser, five Input Switches and led Logic Indicators.

Educational Pack 0021    The basic patchboard 0020 is also available as an "Educational Pack" with a copy of "A Practical Course in Digital Electronics" and a selection of ten digital integrated circuits. The course deals with circuit design with TTL and CMOS and is ideal as a first course in Digital Logic Design.

Extension Patchboard 0022   This extension Patchboard has eighteen 16-pin sockets. Can be used on its own or as an extension to other boards in this family.

Extension Patchboard 0023    This extension Patchboard has twelve 16-pin sockets and two 40-pin sockets, Can be used on its own or as an extension to other boards in this family.   

Advanced Patchboard 0026    The Advanced Patchboard has been specially designed for use with the Microtutor MPT8080, but can be used on its own. It has seven 16-pin, two 18-pin and one 40-pin sockets. There are four Logic Input Switches, a manual Pulser, two independent Clocks and eight led Logic Indicators. The three PCB Edge Connectors (43x0.1 inch) will accept Limrose's CPU board, Analog I/O, RAM/VDU Interface, Digital I/O Card and the small plug-in Patchboard 0025. The Flat Cable 0027 can directly connect it to the Microtutor bus for interfacing experiments and you can build a complete computer system with VDU Interface, Basic Language and Assembler on this patchboard using the plug-in cards.

Power Supplies        240V or 117V a.c. Mains operation, please state voltage reqd.

/P5     add to order code for 5V 0.5A internal PSU           

/P51   add to Order Code for 5V 1A internal PSU with Overvoltage crowbar

/P515  add to order code for 5V 1A PSU with OV crowbar and +/-15V at 100mA for Op Amps







1mm Patch Leads   All units supplied with 2x00PL80 Assorted Patchleads (25 per packet). Patch leads can also be ordered in packets of 100 leads, see Price List for details.

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Basic Patchboard 0020/21

Advanced Patchboard 0026

Extenstion Patchboard 0022

Extension Patchboard 0023



Extension Patchboard 0023

Extension Patchboard 0022

Advanced Patchboard 0026

Basic Patchboard 0020/21