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8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit?

If you are already an expert on microprocessors, you can cope with almost anything. But, if you are a beginner, and don't as yet understand how microprocessors work, 8-bit microprocessors are your best bet.

The Limrose Microtutor uses Intel's 8080 Microprocessor - which is the mother of them all and all modern PCs use CPU chips based on the 8080 architecture. Any software you develop on the Microtutor will run all modern PCs. Yes, the 8080 is upwards compatible will all  Intel CPUs.




"I can't tell you how pleased I am with your Microtutor" - Ex-Director, Racal Electronics Group

"The Microtutor seemed a good investment.. has given excellent service.. and a superior teaching aid for microprocessors has yet to be made available" - Post Office Engg College



Limrose's Microtutor MPT8080 is feature rich. The front panel has more than 40 led's and numerous switches to show all important signals as they change - including the 16-bit address bus, 8-bit data bus, memory outputs and CPU Status signals. You can watch each "machine cycle" and see exactly how your instructions are being executed, the "Stack" used by the to "pop" and "push" return addresses and "interrupts" are handled by the microprocessor. The built-in I/O Ports can be used to read external signals and drive output devices like motors and buzzers with little or no additional hardware.   






Although you need little else other than the Microtutor to learn the basics, you can expand it to a full development system. It is the best supported microprocessor trainer on the market and includes the BASIC Language and ASSEMBLER, VDU Interface, Analog and Digital I/O Cards and a EPROM Programmer.

Please refer to the Price List for supported peripherals or contact Limrose for further information.

Order Code - MPT 808K-1 





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Microtutor with MPT0026 Patchboard and Accessories


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