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TUTORKIT halves the cost of microelectronics trainers!


Combinational Logic Tutor TK-LT1A


LT1 has a selection of AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, Ex-OR and AND-OR-NOT logic gates to cover all aspects of combinational logic and Boolean algebra. Also has four logic indicators and logic input switches, one of which is "de-bounced".


The instruction manual includes half-adder and full-adder, positive and negative numbers, Binary Coded Decimals and code conversion, De Morgan's Laws, Binary Counter and an interesting puzzle.














Sequential Logic Tutor TK-LT2A


Everything you need for a first course in flip-flops, counters and shift registers. Has four J-K flip-flops, five NAND gates and three Logic Input Switches. One switch is "de-bounced" and can be used for pulsing counters, shift registers etc.


The instruction manual include R-S, J-K and D-Type flip-flops, Binary and BCD Counters, Shift Register, Ring Counter, Johnson Code Counter and Chain Code Generator. 













I.C.Patchboard TK-PB1A


This small I.C.Patchboard is ideal for schools. Has one 40-pin, two 18-pin and two 16-pin high quality sockets to accept a wide range of digital and linear dual-in-line integrated circuits. The built-in 2-speed clock, ten Logic Indicators, a Manual Pulser and three more Input Switches make it a versatile Logic Lab.










Electronic Systems Tutor TK-SIOA


An excellent unit for Physics and Electronics course which use the "systems" concept. The board is divided into Input Sensors, Electronic Processing and Output Devices. Input sensors are a 100K Potentiometer, DR and Slide Switch. Electronic Processing includes a robust high-gain Transistor, Reed Switch, Reed Relay and a power NAND Relay with 5A Change-over contacts. Output devices are an Electronic Buzzer, a pair of Red and Green LED's, a Filament Lamp and D.C.Motor.


Optional plug-in LDR and Thermistor on flying leads makes it very versatile.








All Tutorkits are supplied with a packet of 25 Solderless Patch leads                     

and instruction manual. Units require 5V-6V D.C. Stabilised Power                        

Supply (e.g. TK-PSU1A). Outputs compatible with TTL-logic





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