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TUTORKIT halves the cost of microelectronics trainers!



Triple Power Supply Unit TK- PSU1A


This totally safe and inexpensive Power Supply is ideal for use with Tutorkits and other laboratory equipment. You can even use it to teach about power supply design as components are laid out on the front panel, with measuring pins at strategic points. This low-cost unit provides 5V Stabilised D.C. at 1A, and two variable outputs at +/- 15V at 100mA. In addition, you can draw some isolated a.c. power if requited. Available for 117V or 240V a.c mains operation.   




OP Amp Tutor TK-OT1A


A truly versatile teaching aid for Operational Amplifier fundamentals. Supplied with a 741 Op Amp in a 8-pin socket which can be replaced by other types if required. A Mode Control Switch allows the Op Amp to be set in Reset, Hold and Operate modes. A selection of close tolerance resistors, 1 mF 1% capacitor, potentiometers and diodes are provided for solderless connections. There is also a "free" area for you to mount own components. The instruction manual shows how to use Op Amps for basic operations and to solve differential equations, generate waveforms and design active filters.


Karnaugh Map Tutor TK- KMD1A


How would you "prove" that the Boolean function you have just "minimised" is true? The KMD1 automatically "plots"  the minimal function for any logic circuit with up to four inputs using a matrix of 16 LEDs instantaneously, irrespective of the complexity of the circuit. A  truly indispensable teaching aid for logic and Boolean algebra.


Also has a built-in clock and a 16-pin dual-in-line socket. Can be used with Limrose I.C.Patchboards and other logic trainers.








































Computer Input/Output IOU1




All Tutorkits are supplied with a packet of 25 Solderless Patch leads                    

and instruction manual. Units require 5V-6V D.C. Stabilised Power                        

Supply (e.g. TK-PSU1A). Outputs compatible with TTL-logic                                             


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Drive large loads and bring in external inputs up to 50V d.c. safely into the computer. Ideal for technology, craft and electronics courses to drive Robots, Trains Sets, Motors, Pumps etc. from the computer and read-in external events and signals. 

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Has four 5A Change-over Relays, four Logic Input Switches and four sets of 4mm sockets for external inputs. Can be used with any computer, including the old BBC, PCs and Limrose's Microtutor.