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The Limrose Group was founded about 30 years ago by Dr. and Mrs. R. Raizada in the UK to manufacture Microelectronics Training Systems, Computer hardware, Software and IT/Management Consultancy. The Limrose Group now manufactures a wide range of hardware and software products and provides consultancy services in UK, USA and other countries. One of the earlier companies in the group, Limrose Electronics Limited, did the original development work on Progen4GL and other software tools, including real-time Operating Systems, low level languages, assemblers and Rom-based Basic Language for process control. 
Limrose products are now widely used throughout Britain and in many countries overseas. Progen4GL and Tutorkit are Limrose Group's Registered Trade Marks. The US Office, Addtechnology Solutions, was opened in 1998 to provide IT Consultancy services in the USA, and to support Limrose's microelectronics training systems sold in the USA and Canada.




Progen4GL for Windows
Progen4GL for Windows was released in 2003 for Rapid Application Development. Progen4GL for Windows cuts the cost of software development by 80% or more as most applications can be developed with little or no programming. Although Progen4GL has its own built-in RDBMS, it can also read and write to other databases such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle and the built-in Report Writer can be used for producing reports from non-Progen databases without programming. Progen4GL is SQL-compatible and aims to become the "universal" database which can communicate with products from diverse vendors over a distributed system. 


Limrose's Progen4GL-based "packages" and other software products are currently being used at a large number of sites in UK and overseas on PC-networks.      






Progen4GL for Windows



Limrose Group's products and services fall into the following core lines:
(1) Microelectronic Training Systems for schools, college and industrial training.
(2) Custom software design, development, testing, roll out and maintenance for Database Management and business applications generally. We also supply "packaged" software for Care Homes, Libraries, Manufacturing, Payroll and Mailing List/Contact Management. 
(3) e-Business and Web Development, including data integration and on-line transactions. 






Limrose Directors and Senior Staff
Ravi Raizada B.E.(Hons) PhD, FBCS - Ravi is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and has a PhD from Manchester University. He was an Assistant Professor at the Penn State University and a Visiting Professor at Purdue University before joining Pilkington Glass (UK) as Head of Process Modelling Group. He is a founding Director of the Limrose Group and is involved in technical and managerial aspects of the company.
Rosalind Raizada BSc, AIPM - Ros is founding Director of the Company and has specialist knowledge of the voluntary and advisory sectors. 
Fred Williams - Fred is a Senior Business Consultant and has a wealth of management experience  at senior levels in British industry. He is a fluent Welsh speaker.
Dileep Shrivastava B.E.(Hons) - Dileep is the Principal Consultants at Addtechnology Solutions and is based in Chicago, USA. He has worked at senior levels in both India and the USA and is familiar with all aspects of the Limrose Group and Addtechnology Solutions.    








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