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The Limrose Group, together with our associates Add Technology Solutions based in Chicago, USA, have designed numerous systems for clients using microprocessors for embedded control. Applications include on-line measurements of production capacitors, yarn control for a textile mill and equipment for locating buried gas pipes. We can also design control systems for you using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and microcontrollers to suit client requirements.  

Over the years, Limrose's Software division has developed custom software solutions for diverse applications including Gas Cylinder Distribution and Control (Linde) for large international company to multi-site Stock Control for a Japanese distributor (Mitsui) of raw materials for the plastics industry.    

Digital Business Strategy

The Limrose Group have successfully run hundreds of training courses for clients throughout the British industry, including customized courses for companies like ICI and British Telecom. Although many of these course were designed to meet specific requirements (usually clients own products or processes), Limrose also run general training course which anyone can attend. These courses include Designing with Microprocessors, Programming with Visual Basic and Hardware and Software Design for Embedded Systems.



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Some of Limrose's own in-house designed products, like the Microtutor, has now become legendary and have been used for substantive training in this important technology by such industrial giants as the British Telecom and Royal Navy. Similarly, Limrose's logic training systems have been used in hundreds of Skill Training centres operated by the Manpower Services Commission. Many of the senior staff at these institutions were initially trained by the Limrose Group.



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