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Progen Day Nursery Management System

Care for children, not paperwork. Full system from just £495 plus VAT 










The PROGEN Day Nursery Management System for Windows  makes light work of managing your nursery. It includes everything you need and is very easy to use:


Children’s Register

Attendance Register

List of Charges 

Pickup/Drop off option 

List of Local schools

Shift Table

List of Councils






For a small nursery, all you need is the "basic" system. You can print "bills" from Attendance Register showing dates covered, shifts attended and charges due including any extras. For larger nurseries, you can update to full Financial Control System, including Nominal and Purchase Ledgers, and year-end accounts, without re-keying any data.



Click to downloads 30-day Trial (self-extracting .exe files):

Progen4GL Engine 1 MB  (Users require this module for all packages)

Progen Nursery - 1    Progen Nursery  - 2   (500K-1 MB each)


After all modules above have been downloaded and saved, double-click each in turn to install the package. Only one copy of the Progen4GL-engine is required on your computer irrespective of the number of Progen4GLapplications. To run, double-click Vprogen4GL icon on Desktop, leave User Name blank, type PRDEMO as the password for 30-day free trial. For full details, download the manual if required.


Click here to download Progen Nursery Manual (.pdf 600K)







Key Benefits

bulletComprehensive Children's Register, with booking details
bulletClick-the-box for recording actual attendances
bulletComputerized Billing with full details.
bulletPrint Day Register for children expected on the day.
bulletAllocate Cash/Cheques received to children's accounts.












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Last modified: August 05, 2008