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New Products 2006-2007:

Progen Library for Primary Schools

Progen Lib Junior, the easy-to-use library system for primary schools has now been implemented in many schools in North East Wales. This system has been developed in conjunction with the North East Wales Schools Library Service.  If you are located in North Wales, you may contact NW Wales Schools Library Service on Tel. 01352 704440 or Email. Lloyd_Evans@flintshire.gov.uk 

It features a "Quick-build" catalogue system and books can be added to the catalogue simply by scanning the barcode. Catalogue can also store book cover or other pictures,  website link and Google Search. . Includes search by Title, Authors, Keywords and circulation and usage statistics.








Progen DataOWL

No-programming Report Writer for MS  Access, MS Excel and CSV (Comma Separated Text files).  Require no programming whatsoever, use it for printing address labels, mail-shot letters and complex reports such as invoicing. All data (even spreadsheets and CSV files) are viewed as "searchable" tables. Just copy your data files to the DataOWL directory and you are ready to go!














Progen Multi-Backup System

An easy-to-use "multi" backup system, especially for use with Progen4GL-based applications. Every time you click the Backup button, a new dated and numbered backup is created automatically. Can backup to real or virtual drive over a network or internet and data can be "zipped" for backup if necessary. To Restore the data, just click the restore point and the data is restored to the original source automatically. Can also be use for non-Progen4GL applications, such as word processing files etc.  

[New!] Progen4GL/Agile System licenses for software houses
See the press release for more details.
[New!] Call for network of nation-side Consultants
See the product data sheet for more details.



Press Releases:

These are the press releases we've issued over the last year. You may want to search for topics by keyword.

bulletDate -- Press Release 1
bulletDate -- Press Release 2
bulletDate -- Press Release 3




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