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Care & Nursing Home Management:  from 495 


Resident Register

Create and Print Invoices

Cash in - Fee and Personal Money

Statement for Fee Account

Statement for Personal Money

Medication File

Doctor's Notes 

Daily Reports

Fee/Rates File

List of Councils/Paying Authorities



The Progen Care & Nursing Home Management System processes the information you require to manage all aspects your care or nursing home, or a small hospital. The Windows version of this programme is based on the successful Dos-version used in hundreds of care homes. Upgrading to the new version can be done seamlessly without re-keying data.








The Resident Register forms the hub of the system and holds important information about residents. Details from the Resident Register and other tables can be displayed, edited or printed at  anytime on any windows compatible printer. The price includes a 5-year single-user license and 12-month FREE telephone support. Continuous support available to suit your requirements. 




Care Plan System (95 plus VAT, optional):

The ingenious Care Plan system in this package will enable you to produce professional Care Plans without much typing. It uses a set of phrase lists that can be customised to suit your requirements. Phrases are "imported" into Care Plans by a mouse click, and edited if necessary. No word-processing, No Typing.






UK Payroll System (95 plus VAT, optional )

UK Payroll for up to 10 employees. Ideal for small businesses, very easy to setup and use, unlikely other competing packages which can take ages to set up and are not particularly easy to use. Try it FREE to see if it is what it says. 

For up to 50 employees - 95 plus VAT, payroll subject to annual renewal.







Resident Care system (495 plus VAT) includes:



Purchase & Nominal Ledgers (95 plus VAT each, optional)

The Purchase Ledger includes Supplier List, Purchase Order, Invoice entry and a system for paying purchase invoices. The Nominal Ledger allows an unlimited number of nominal codes and includes a comprehensive Audit Trail and Journal Entries. The nominal ledger receives data from Sales and Purchase Ledgers, and other modules linked to it to produce P&L account and Balance Sheet.










Key Benefits

bulletComprehensive, lowest-cost system on the market
bulletEasy-to-use, guaranteed performance.
bulletTry-before-you buy. Free 30-day Trial. No Credit Card required
bullet90-day FREE telephone support. 
















Click links below to downloads 30-day Trial (self-extracting .exe files):

Progen4GL Engine 1.2 MB  (Users require this module for all packages)

Progen CareHome - 1    Progen CareHome  - 2   (500K-1 MB each)


After all modules above have been downloaded and saved, double-click each in turn to install the package. Only one copy of the Progen4GL-engine is required on your computer irrespective of the number of Progen4GL-based applications  you may wish to run. To run, double-click Vprogen4GL icon on Desktop, leave User Name blank, type PRDEMO as the password for 30-day free trial. For full details, download the manual if required.

Click here to download Progen CareHome Manual (.pdf 600K)









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