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Progen LIB Junior: from 195 plus VAT 

     - Library System for Primary Schools

Progen LIB Junior Windows is the low-cost  library system for primary schools. It is similar to the full-function LIB/XP, however does not include fine and rental modules. This systems has been developed in association with the North East Wales Schools Library Service. Please contact your schools library services to find out if special pricing arrangements apply in your area. Now in use at a large number of North Wales and UK.

Progen Lib Juhior WinXP PCs with 256MB RAM, and a special version is available for Win98 PCs with 64 MB RAM.  Password protected. 
















Key Benefits

bulletQuick-build Catalogue - just scan the bar code to add most items
bulletEasy-to-use, Title and Keyword Search. 
bullet Circulation module with usage statistics
bulletSecurity-protected Terminal Access












Print your own barcode labels

You can print your own bar code book and user labels using the software included at no extra cost. Alternatively, you can buy low-cost pre-printed labels from us.

Quick-build Catalogue

The CD. on which the software is supplied, also includes data on about 20,000 book used in UK primary schools to help you build most of the catalogue simply by scanning the barcode printed on the back of most books. It's easy as that - just scan the bar code and the book is added to the catalogue without typing.






Click to downloads 30-day Trial (self-extracting .exe files):

Progen4GL Engine 1 MB  (Users require this module for all packages)

Progen LIB  Junior - 1    Progen Lib Junior - 2   Progen Lib Junior -3  (500K-!MB)


After all modules above have been downloaded and saved, double-click each in turn to install the package. Only one copy of the Progen4GL-engine is required on your computer irrespective of the number of Progen4GL applications. To run, double-click Vprogen4GL icon on Desktop, leave User Name blank and type PRDEMO as the password for 30-day free trial. 


For full details, download the ProgenLIB Manual if required.

To download the manual, click here: Progen LIB Manual, 600 KB  (.pdf)





General Information: info@limrosegroup.com
Customer Support: Support@limrosegroup.com

Tel: (44) 1978 85 5555  Fax: (44) 1978 85 5555








Last modified: August 05, 2008