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On-site Training
Zero2VB - Code in a Day
This is a one-day course for the serious
minded, who want to learn the basics of
microprocessors. Ideal for those who wish
to incorporate microprocessors in their own
equipment, test and medical equipment etc.
You will learn to programme using 0’s and
1’s, as well in assembler and high level
languages. See below for prices.
Logic is the essence of all meaningful
communication, and is also the back bone of
computers. Starts with simple verbal logic
as used by philosophers, and ends up by
learning electronic logic, logic gates and digital
Electronics as used in computers. Ideal for
electricians who wish to upgrade their knowledge
of this modern technology. Prices see below.

Did you know that computers understand only

0’s and 1’s? Code is building block of the web,

your mobile phone and office computer. Visual

Basic is one of the most popular and important

computer language that makes it easier to

write the code - rather than programme it using

Just 0’s and 1’1?   

You will learn to programme in Visual Basic,

and see how complex business systems are programmed. See below for prices.

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