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Logic Tutors
Renowned for their reliability, robustness and ease
of use. Excellent teaching aids for teaching digital logic
And Boolean algebra at all levels

"... with their accompanying booklets, these well designed units provide sufficient material for most introductory courses in the subject... Handbooks deserve a special word. That on Combinational circuits introduces basic ideas of binary logic and two-state systems with familiar examples and lead to complex ideas about gates and circuits. ....Sequential circuits are dealt with in the other book which provide one of the rare introductions to the subject which can be regarded as suitable for the beginners."   -  Times Education Supplement

Combinational Logic Tutors CLT0030 and CLT0035 have a selection of AND, OR, NAND, NOR and NOT gates. Four Logic Input Switches and four Logic Indicators. Sequential Logic Tutors SLT 0040 and SLT 0045 have 4 JK Flip-flops, clock, manual pulser, and Six 3-Input NAND gates.

CLT00 30 and SLT0040 are supplied with a packet of 1mm 25 Solderless Patch Leads.

Demonstration Units CLT0035P5 and SLT0045P5, for 240V (or 117V) a.c. mains operation, use 4mm Patch Leads which must be ordered separately if required.

CLT 0030       -  Uses 1mm Patch Leads. 2xHP2 batteries inside the case

CLT0030P5    -  Uses 1mm Patch Leads, 240V (or 117V) a.c. Mains powered

SLT0040       -  Uses 1mm Patch Leads, 2xHP2 batteries inside the case

SLT0040P5    -  Uses 1mm Patch Leads, 240 V (or 117V) a.c. Mains powered

Size and Weights: 1.5 Kg approx, 185 x 290 x 85 mm

CLT 0030
SLT 0045
SLT  0040
CLT 0045
Classroom Demonstration Units - using 4mm Connector Page 4

CLT0035P5  and SLT0045P5 -  have built-in 240 V (or 117V) psu


SLT0045P5   -  Uses 4mm Patch Leads, 240 V (or 117V) a.c. Mains powere