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Tutorkits - 1
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Logic Gates Tutor LT1

Has a selection of AND, OR, NOT, NAND,
NOR, Ex-OR and AND–OR-INVERT logic gates.
Also has 4 Logic Input Switches and 4-led
Logic Indicators. One switche has been
electronically “de-bounced” to a clean pulse
to drive Sequential circuits and counters.

Sequential Logic Tutor LT2

Everything you need for a first course in
Sequential Logic. Has 4-JK Flip Flops,
5 Nand gates and 3-Logic Input Switches.
One of the switched produces clean pulse
to drive counters, shift registers etc,
Operational Amplifier Tutor OT1

Supplied with a socket mounted 741 Op Amp,
which you can replace with other types. Mode
Control Switch, 2-Potentiometers, 1% Precision
resistors and capacitors for accuracy. Use it
to solve differential equations, generate
sea-saw waveform and study active filters..  
IC Patchboard PB1

Has one 40 pin and two 16-pin sockets for
Digital or Analog dual-in-line integrated
circuits. Includes a 2-speed Clock, 10-Logic
indicators and 3-Logic Input Switches.
suitable for use with TLL and linear ics.

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