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Tutorkits - 2
Karnaugh Map Tutor KMD1

This unique tutor has been designed
teach how you can use the Karnaugh Map
to “minimise” the Boolean function of
complex logic, with up to 4-inputs. The
Karnaugh Map is displayed on 16 LED
display, and is never wrong!!
Tutorkit Power Supply PSU1

Safe power supply to use with all Tutorkits
and other electronic circuits. All outputs are
short-circuit proof. As the component
layout is on the Front Panel, it can also be
used to teach how power supplies work.
DC Outputs -  5V and +/- 15V
A.C Outputs - 15V a.c. and 9V a.c.
Electronic System Unit SIO

Includes Input Sensors, Processors and
Outputs to teach using “Systems Approach”.
Includes Potentiometer, LDR, Slide Switch,
NPN Transistor, Reed Switch, Reed Relay
and Power Nand Relay for high loads. Outputs
are Buzzer, Red/Green leds, Lamp and d.c.
motor. All items are protected against
accidental damage and short circuits.     
Computer I/O Unit SIO
Can be used with computers for 
Controlling robots, motors, pumps 
etc. Manual inputs using switches 
and external d.c. Inputs can be 
fed back into TTL-compatible inputs.
Protected against accidental damage. Page 7

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