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These low-cost Precision Analogue Computers from Limrose are ideal for teaching and research. Precision computing elements ensure accurate computing to 1% or better, with integrator drift less than 2mV per second.

These units are not just a simple collection of Op Amps, but also incorporate sophisticated digital control for precision computing. Use them for teaching the basic of Operational amplifiers, as well as real-time computing, differential equations with initial-value and boundary-problems. Also for function generation, active filters and hybrid computing generally.

Advanced design

Built-n facilities include independent electronic mode control of integrators for single-shot or repetitive operation. Multiple units can be “slaved” together to run from a single set of controls for Reset, Hold and Compute using the built-in “synchronized electronic switching”. Ideal for simulating large problems requiring ten or more integrators. Electronic Mode Control can use external TTL-Logic, internal clock or the manual Mode Control Switch.

Initial & Track/Hold

Each integrator has provision for initial condition input. In addition to normal operation, the all integrators can also be used in “track/hold” and “compute/hold” modes for automatically solving boundary-value problems.

Operational Amplifiers

These units use precision operational amplifiers for accurate, low drift, computing and incorporate:  

3 Integrators, with 6 inputs and initial condition.

3 Summers, 6 inputs, resistor or diode feedback.

Integrator drift less than 2mV.per second.

One of the Operational amplifiers has both

inverting and non-inverting inputs on the front panel.

Independent Electronic Mode control by patching.

Size and Weight

AHT0090 - 185 x 290 x 85 mm, 1.5 Kg

AHT0095A/D -  310 x 520 x 85 mm, 5 Kg

(Please specify 230V or 117V AC Input when ordering)

Precision Analog Computers

Component Values

AHT0090    -  1% resistors, 1% 1mF caps.

AHT0095A -  1% resistors, 1% 1mF and 0.1mF caps.

AHT0095D -  0.5% resistors, 0.5% 1mf and 0.1mF caps.

Op Amps    -:  Precision, TIL081 or similar


6 x 10K Linear, with three terminals on front panel


AHT0090 – 1mm Solder;ess , PL0080 (supplied) AHT0095A/D – 4mm Solderlaess, PL0081                        (Order 4mm patch leads PL0081 separately if required)

Transparencies and Task Sheets (all units)

AHT 0091 - A4 OHP Transparency showing layout.

AHT 0092    - Pad of 100 A4 Task Sheets for circuit planning AHT 0093    -  Booklet A4, 50-page, Manual (English )

The smaller AHT0090 is supplied with one pack of 25 1mm Solderless Patch Leads.

For the larger AHT0095 unit, please order 4mm patch leads separately.

Patch Leads - 1mm PL0080 (for AHT0090)

Patch Leads - 4mm PL0081 (for AHT0095)

AHT 0095
AHT 0090
Manual AHT 0093
Page 8

Prices & Downloads

All units supplied with comprehensive manual AHT 0093