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Microprocessor Trainer

The Microprocessor Trainers is housed in a sturdy metal case, with a large clear front panel as shown ion the right. The front panel has more than 40 LEDs and numerous switches to display all  important signals – including the 16-bit address bus, 8-bit data bus, memory output and CPU Status Signals.

You can actually watch each “machine cycle” as your instructions are executed. The built-in Input Port can read external signals and the Output Port drive devices such as motors and buzzers with little or no additional hardware.

43 LEDs, 21 Toggles for Input/Outputs

20-key Hex Keyboard for Programme entry

8-bit Interrupt Instruction Port

8-Bit Input Port, Switch or input pins

8-bit Output Port, led display, pin outputs

TTL-compatible External Connections for interfacing circuits.

Single Cycle/Single Instruction Mode

Optional Basic/Assembler available

Intel CPUs use same basic architecture

Expandable with Experimenter Board

The Limrose Microprocessr Trainer is ideal for newcomers to this exciting new technology. This trainer uses the same architecture as used by all modern Intel computers and microprocessors as used in Windows PC.. The instruction set is “upward compatible” with Intel 486 and other Intel microprocessors.

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the Microtutor” - ex-Director, Racal Electronics.

“… a superior teaching aid for microprocessors has yet to be made available. Excellent.”Post Office College of Engineering (UK).


Intel 8080A with 8-bit Data Bus, 16-bit Address Bus,

Single cycle, Single Instruction and Continuous modes.

Controls and Display:

Mode Control Switches for Load/Run, Single Instruction, Single Step and Continuous Modes.

Toggle Switches for direct Interrupt and Hold Controls. Control Display LED for Wait, Interrupt and Hold

8-bit Data Bus LED Display

16-bit Address Bus LED Display

8-bit Status Port LED Display

20-key Keyboard for Data/Instruction input  

8-bit Input Port, Switches or external TTL-compatible inputs via 1mm pins.

8-bit Output Port, LED or pins for TTL-compatible output connections

8-bit Interrupt, Input switches and pins for external connections

Use MPT0026 I.C.Patchboard., and flat cable connector MPT0027, for interfacing experim,ents. The Solderless Plug-in Patchboard, 0025L, can also be plugged in directly in the interface socket

Dimensions: 265mm x  420mm x 85mm Weight: 3 kg  approximately

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