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Progen UK Payroll (from 95 plus VAT) 


Easy-to-use UK Payroll for 2007-08 (also subsequent years) including Stakeholder Pension, Tax Credits, Student Loan and Scottish variable Rates



The PROGEN Payroll for Windows is the perfect easy-to-use package for small to medium size businesses with up to 100 employees. No need to look at the Tax and NI tables ever again. The computer will calculate the Tax and NI due, and you can print the Payslips at the touch of a button. 







Although the PROGEN Payroll includes Tax Credits, Student Loan deductions, Scottish Variable Rate and Stakeholder Pension, just skip past the boxes if you don't need them.. 

To set up and run payroll is really easy. First, you enter basic details of the employees (Name, Sex, Date of Birth, NI Letter and Tax Code) in the Personnel File. You can run the payroll now immediately and let the computer take the strain. It will calculate the Net Pay after adjustments for Tax, NI, Tax Credit, Student Loan and Stakeholder Pension at the touch of a button. No need to look up another Tax or NI table ever again.


You can add staff photos, bank and other details later if required. 

"Easier and faster than most other packages.- User.".





Payslips, P45 & EOY Reports

You can print pay slips and monthly reports on plain paper by selecting from a menu. Detailed reports on Stakeholder pension, Tax, NI and other deductions, as well as period reports, can be viewed on the screen and printed as required. End-of-Year P14/P60 are printed directly from the payroll. Internet filing is supported if required.


You can also start using the Progen Payroll now, not wait till the start of the new tax year. The instruction manual tells you  exactly what to do if you start using the payroll in the middle of the year.






Key Benefits

bulletEasy-to-use as compared to competing products
bulletJust two steps - and you are ready to run your payroll.
bulletMeets all UK Tax and NI regulations
bulletIncludes Pension contributions if required.
bulletFree 12 month telephone support at no extra cost. 

Click to downloads 30-day Trial (self-extracting .exe files):

Progen4GL Engine 1 MB  (all users must download this module)

Progen Payroll  - 1    Progen Payroll - 2   (500K - 1M each)


After all modules above have been downloaded and saved, double-click each in turn to install the package. Only one copy of the Progen4GL-engine is required on your computer irrespective of the number of Progen4GLapplications.  To run, double-click Vprogen4GL icon on Desktop, leave User Name blank, type PRDEMO as the password for 30-day free trial. For full details, download the manual if required.


Progen LIB Manual, 500 KB  (.pdf)



General Information: info@limrosegroup.com
Customer Support: Support@limrosegroup.com

Tel: (44) 1978 85 5555  Fax: (44) 1978 85 5555













Last modified: August 05, 2008