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Progen Care Home System (from 695 plus VAT)

Updated version of the low-cost Care Home Management System for Windows,  which has been around for over a decade and is in use in a large number of care and nursing homes throughout UK. Includes everything you require to run a care or nursing home - Resident Register, Invoicing, Cash-in, Personal Expenses, Financial Statements, Doctor and Day Reports, Price List for services, List of Councils etc. Invoices can be sent to relatives or councils as required. Optional add-on modules for Purchase Ledger and Nominal Ledger (accounts, P&L, Audit Trails, Journal).

Progen Manufacturing System  (from 1500 plus VAT)

Progen Manufacturing System for Windows is the the perfect solution for small to  medium sized companies. It offers the essential competitive edge when planning,   controlling, manufacturing and costing production resources. Easy-to-use and proven over several years at UK-based manufacturers. Can be tailored to meet          your exact requirements at a modest cost.  

Progen Nursery Management (from 495 plus VAT)

Low-cost Day Care and Nursery Management System, with full support. Includes General Register, Bookings and Invoicing System. Optional add-on modules include Purchase and Nominal Ledgers.

Progen Library (from 695 plus VAT)

Full function Library Management System for medium-to-large libraries (up to 200,000 books), complete with Fines and Rental module.  Easy-build Catalogue, Issues and Returns, Fines, Rentals and User List.  Includes software to print your own barcode book and user labels. Can be linked to the Aquisition and Periodical Modules and Purchase Ledger.

Progen Lib Junior (from 195 plus VAT)

Low-cost Library Management System for Primary Schools, developed in association with the North East Wales Schools Library Service. Easy-build Catalogue, Issues and Returns, User List.  Includes software to print your own barcode book and user labels. Special pricing arrangements apply in various areas if purchased through your local schools library advisory service.

Progen Payroll (UK) (from 95 plus VAT)
Easy-to-use UK Payroll for current year. Complies with UK tax and NI regulations, print pay slips and end-of-year reports. Ideal for small-to-medium companies with 1 to 100 employees. 
Last modified: August 05, 2008